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Red Planet Group

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Services Provided

• Marketing strategy
• Social media management
• Paid social media advertising
• Content creation
• Media planning (TV and Digital)
• Creative services
• Retailer marketing
• Events and activations
• PR

Success Story

Founded in 2009 by toy industry veteran Jason Mars, Red Planet Group very quickly became one of Canada’s leading toy distributors, exclusively bringing to market winning products from leading toy companies around the world.

CanspanBMG was hired early on to drive the marketing program for Red Planet Group and became an integral part of the company’s success and growth with leading vendors and top retailers across Canada. Red Planet needed an experienced agency “on call” to fill the role of marketing department so CanspanBMG worked quickly to build out and execute detailed and unique marketing plans. Programs included the planning and activation of TV media, launch events, in-store demos, large digital & social media programs, sponsorships, PR, promotions, content creation and more.

As Red Planet Group expanded its reach and growth in Canada, CanspanBMG’s mandate grew to a marketing budget that is now 25x what it was in year one. Just another example of a win-win relationship that continues to get bigger and stronger each year.